Alex Hartle

Guitar/Vocals/Synthesizer - Songwriter - Maker of practice agendas

Tied Heart's founding member, songwriter, rhythm guitarist, vocalist, and weird noise enthusiast. After starting Tied Heart as a solo project in 2018, Alex is happy to now share the load with Ryan, Destin, and Travis.

Ryan Miller

Guitar - Tone Expert - Beard

Ryan brings understated, tasteful playing and an ear for the perfect tone to the band. His beard and collection of tattoos make him the most credibly rock and roll member, but don't let that fool you. Ryan is one of the sweetest people you could hope to meet and is always a great conversationalist.

Destin LeCornu

Drums/Samples - Gear head - Obscenely organized

Destin fulfills the unenviable task of playing drums in a band with another drummer and is always too nice about it. He brings over 20 years of experience as a musician, including national touring, to the band. In addition to Tied Heart, Destin also records music under his own name and plays with fellow Pittsburgh act Bonnie and the Mere Mortals. Destin is not actually a muppet.