Rented Space is a concept album about the fragility of the human body, ownership, and death. The central theme of rented space refers to our relationships to our bodies, the idea being that this relationship is more akin to a rental over which we have little control rather than something that we own. Prompted by the health issues of several of Alex's family members, the theme is carried throughout the album both lyrically and in the parenthetical titles for each song. Though each song has its own subject, they are each related back to the idea of rented space through their alternate title, with lyrical references to the grander theme throughout the album. 

Track List

1. Don't Go Quietly (Neighbors)
2. Flood (Renter's Insurance)
3. Weathered (Layers of Paint)
4. Morning in America (Window Dressings)
5. Break In (Bars on Broken Windows)
6. Interlude (Thin Film of Dust)
7. Artificial Light (In for the Night)
8. The Dinner Party (Welcome Mat in a Shared Hallway)
9. March of Distant Drums (Beneath the Floorboards)
10. Disappeared (Eviction Notice)
11. Candles at Communion (Landlords)
12. Rented Space (Move Out Day)
13. Final Purchase (A Plot of Land)
14. Outro (This Building is Condemned)

Rented Space is dedicated to the loving memory of Charlotte Hartle.

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